“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star” – Friedrich Nietzsche


Certified Psychotherapist, sexologist and masters in philosophy Jimmy Hansen. Outside Denmark sessions are done via Skype (Skype-id: jimmy.hansen343). Phone +45 28554948, mail: Jimmystherapy@gmail.com. Price 100 dollar US. Follow him on Facebook here. Photo: Jimmy Hansen, me and my mother at the Restaurant Tower in the government building of Copenhagen.

I have experienced a nervous breakdown in a Buick Skyhawk while studying in the US. At
the age of 11 I was exposed to a sexual assault. I have been physically mugged several times in my youth. At the age of 23 I lost a daughter and walking around with undealt grief for a long time. And many more things of the alike. One of several consequences were that I entered the world of sex- and porn addiction, hence my life were in so much agony and trouble, that I had to have a drug of some kind to soothe my mind.

What lies behind these sentences on a deeper psychological level are too extensive to adress here, but Nietzsches words about containing chaos in order to create sunshine, has always been a lighthouse of hope for me to navigate after. By owning the difficulties of my inner world again and again and again, something else appeared in the horizon. A sense of accept and self worth. Today I no longer experience despair (the place, where life seems to run out of meaning) and have been trained in supporting others to find love, peace of mind and one self (what ever that means).

I’m specialized within the trauma field and the many types of addictions (which often appears in the wake). On that note I’m writing a book about sexuality and trauma which should hit the streets (Danish) in the summer of 2016.

If you don’t identify with the above categories and “only” have stress or a lack of sex drive or anything else in that neighbourhood you’re still very welcome to contact me (look under I offer for specifications).

I graduated as a breathing therapist 25 years ago. Later on I took a masters in philosophy at Roskilde University (RUC) followed by an education as a Psychotherapist and sexologist (for reading into the common threads between these life choices please read who is Jimmy”). In the spring of 2015 I could also add stop-smoking-consultant to my CV. How e.g. the use of philosophy and psychology can work very well together read “Clients about Jimmy”.

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